Once you have been approved to sell on, you can:

1. Add your products and build your MAKER profile

Add and manage your products and inventory through your Maker Dashboard. Set different prices for customers and wholesalers.

2. Fulfill your orders

Manage your orders, customer communication, and shipping using your Maker Dashboard.

3. Receive Payment

After your orders have been shipped, receive payment for items you’ve sold.

What Does It Cost To Sell On

Become a Maker with our risk-free plan or expand your Wholesale reach and grow your sales volume with our Professional plan. strives to keep your costs and fees to a minimum, while still giving you a robust and profitable selling experience. Choose a plan that best fits your budget, needs, and sales volume.

Price tag icon.Maker Memberships and Fees
Maker Features:
Choose this membership when you sell: <40 items/month >40 items/month
Referral fee 25% ($1 minimum) 15% ($1 minimum)
Setup Fee $0 $0
Listing Fee $0 $0
Maker Dashboard Yes Yes
Create Recipes, How-To, & Stories Yes Yes
Collaborate With Other Makers Yes Yes
Integrated Cart For Your Own Website Not Available Yes
Meet the Maker Page Limited Yes
Advertising Opportunities Limited Yes

*Maker memberships may be changed or canceled at any time.


Ship your orders easily with ShipStation.


Ship With ShipStation

Quickly review and ship your orders. Your orders will be automatically imported into your account alongside orders from other marketplaces.

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